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Pharmaceuticals information department Works through its sections (Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Health Care and warehouses) to improve patient care by providing the latest drug information -based on scientific evidence characterized by inclusiveness and objectivity- continuously to the health care team of doctors and pharmacists and nurses, as well as the public.

Duties and Responsibilities of department

Generate and update the list of essential medicines.

Generate and update the National drug formulary.

Establish and supervise the medicine and therapeutic committees ; the major committee in the Ministry and the subsidiary committee in hospitals;at the national level. Follow-up any request for deletion or addition to the EDL is our main function in this setting.

Promoting the concept of rational use of drugs in terms of:

- Develop standards and protocols for treatment of acute and chronic diseases and follow-up their implementation and measure its impact.

- Develop a mechanism to follow up on the consumption of medicines that are specific for certain diseases to improve the process and reduce the use of high costs.

- Increase education among patients for diseases and drugs

- encourage doctors and pharmacists to document patient records

- continuing education for physicians and pharmacists

- conduct studies and research to increase awareness of the importance of applying the concept of rational use of medicines.

- Working with universities and medical colleges to introduce the principles of rational drug use in the curriculum.

Re-evaluate pharmaceutical products every period of time to remove the ones that tended to have a limited therapeutic benefit compared to the new items available.

Develop Vigilance pharmaceutical programs including follow-up reports and complaints concerning the side effects of medications and monitoring, and the development of solutions and guidelines to minimize the risk of side effects.

Education and pharmacological media for health professionals of doctors and pharmacists, as well as the public by providing revised information that are based on scientific and documented references and made available by various means, including lectures, printed publications or official network.

Supply the medical staff of doctors , pharmacists , companies and scientific bodies of scientific statistical data about drugs available in the Palestinian market through establishment of the pharmaceutical information database.

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