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Pharmaceutical Policies Department

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This Department is divided into two sections : (NPP Implementation, monitoring and evaluation section ,pricing section ) and managed by a pharmacist with MPH, and two pharmacist employees

The department is in charge of the price policy of medicines in the private sector. it is also in charge of fixing the retail price of medicines, so that these prices are the same in all Palestinian territories and not exceed retail prices in Israel.

The department is also responsible for planning, monitoring pharmaceutical policy implementation and good governance for medicines program.

Duties and Responsibilities:

⌂ Setting the price policy of pharmaceutical products in the private sector

Pricing of pharmaceutical products (local and imported ) in the private sector

Participation in developing national drug policy and implementation plans.

Participation in preparation of development plans for pharmaceutical services and pharmaceutical care in hospitals and primary health care centers.

Investigation of drug use and drug shortage in public facilities and community.

Monitoring national drug policy implementation

Developing and measuring pharmaceutical services quality indicators in the public sector

Participation in development of standard operation procedures for different pharmacy departments.

Participation in drafting laws and regulations governing the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical human resources statistics and preparation of pharmaceutical human resources development plans

Participation in pharmaceutical committees and subcommittees in the public sector (pricing, registration, pharmacy exam, pharmaceutical tenders technical committees )

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Tel/fax: 2386410

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