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The mission of the department is the responsibility upon all the import and export permits for all the pharmaceutical products including raw materials, cosmetic products, finished products, products confiscated at border crossings and products received via the post.  This is done by ensuring the quality and effectiveness of all the preparations that are imported and exported abroad to ensure that consumer products with high efficiency and safety.

Duties and responsibilities:

  Responsibility for all Import & Export permit for all pharmaceutical products.

  Regulate the movement of imported pharmaceuticals and give the local product marketing priority.

  Implementation of the guidelines and policies established regarding the import product.

  Prepare documents for the import products and follow up approvals from other pharmaceutical departments.

  Follow the import movement in all governates and unify the needed work machanisms in all global and local levels.

  Provides all the required facilities for exporters to encourage national industries.

  Coordinate with other security agencies about the mechanisms release of quarantine products.

  Participate in work related committees.

  Processing the necessary reports and statistics.

⌂  Participate in lectures and workshops as needed.

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Tel: 022416182
Fax: 022416183

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