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Since the vision of MOH focus on providing the consumers high quality pharmaceutical services as well as safe drugs of high quality and efficacy, therefore the DQC Dept performs its duties to assure the quality of the pharmaceutical products (Human drugs/veterinary drugs, cosmetic products, herbal/dietary supplements and medical devices products) by controlling and following up the quality of locally manufactured and imported products as well as to determine whether inspected firms are operating in compliance with GMP requirements through the routine inspection visits as well as the drop in visits performed by our inspectors.Addionally,DQC performs follow up of complains , following up of Lab analysis of pharmaceutical products as well as  release of newly registered products. 

Duties and responsibilities 

⌂  Conduct inspection on manufacturing companies of (human, veterinary, cosmetic and dietary/Herbal products) to determine their compliance  with GMP requirements.

  Review and approve engineering layouts of newly manufacturing companies.

  Approve change requests on the existing production lines for liscensed manufacturing companies.

  If needed, arrange for training programs for manufacturing companies on GMP requirements.

  Perform investigation and follow up on complaints concerining pharmaceutical products consumed in the Palestinian Market.

 Take random samples of the pharmaceutical products and follow up their laboratory test results with the approved laboratories and concerned departments.

  Follow up GLP compliance for  laboratories assigned to performs lab analysis of pharmaceutical products for MOH.

  Follow up quality of  pharmaceutical products that enter the country through mailing posts.

  Perform release for the first 3 batches of newly registered products.

  Participate in the different committees relating to job activities as requested.

  Participate in the different conferences and workshops related to work as requested.

  Participate in setting and evaluating the different guidelines and by laws related to work at the general directorate of pharmacy.

  Participate in preparing plans in order to improve efficiency of department activities and pharmacist`s performance.

  Coordination of seminans and workshops related to work as needed.

  Preparation of requested periodic reports related to work as needed.

  Participation in the periodic meetings related to work at the DQC dept.

  Participation in preparing the budget related to the General Directorate of Pharmacy as needed.

⌂  Perform other activities assigned by the direct in change person related to work as requested.

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