About Us

The general directorate of pharmacy " GDP " is an active Directorate in the MOH composed of seven different departments:
Ø Drug Control Department
Ø Registration Department
Ø Drug Quality Department
Ø Pharmaceutical Policy Department
Ø Dangerous Drug Department (narcotics and psychotropic drugs)
Ø Drug Information Department
Ø Import and Export Department
The GDP is responsible for several activities concerning the whole pharmaceutical sector by coordinating with the Drug Technical Committee (DTC) and other subcommittees like: registration, Pricing, Drug and Therapeutic, Medicine Promotion and Advertising , and Pharmacy Profession Licensing exam committees.
The GDP is concerned by the whole pharmaceutical sector:
(i) The public sector: Patient Group Directions (PGD), centers for medical services (CMS), all hospital pharmacies and district pharmacies of Primary Health Care ( PHC ) level
(ii) The private sector: private pharmacies, wholesalers which are importers of medical and pharmaceuticals goods, general drugstores which are the retailers to private pharmacies and at last local manufacturers,
(iii) And the nonprofit sector, NGO and especially UNRWA for the care to the refugees


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